JLT Face Frame Tables

Machines for Clamping Face Frames Efficiently and Effectively. We offer two different models to do this

  1. Standard Face Frame Table with Vertical Pressure for Pocket Hole Style of Frames
  2. (2) Direction Horizontal Pressure for both Pocket Hole Style and Mortise & Tenon Style Frames
Both machines are designed well and built to match the heaviness and sturdiness that our customers are accustomed to with JLT Clamps Machinery.

#720A (#78G)- Face Frame Table

JLT’s Heavy Duty conventional Face frame Table

Align and Clamp Hundreds of Frames a day on a Tried & True Piece of Machinery

#78B-CDFC – Cabinet Door & Frame Clamp

JLT Clamps Heaviest Door and Frame Clamp

Produce Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors and Assemble Face Frames in the Same Clamp